Monthly Archives: July 2013

Things that Only Happen to Deaf People

The other day, I noticed that my CI was acting up. One second I could hear; the next second I couldn’t. This happens sometimes. Normally, it’s because the wire is loose and once I push the wire piece back into the processor, it’s fine again. Well, I was quite surprised when I removed my CI […]

Hearing Music through Vibrations

I’m a music junkie. I love music: classical, country, alternative, pop– you name it. I pretty much listen to a bit of everything. Expect rap; that’s just noise to me. Sorry rap lovers! You see when I hear a song for the first time, I only “hear” the beat. I can’t hear the lyrics. It […]

One Step Closer…

You know how I was told that it would be a few weeks before I could be scheduled in for a CT scan of my ear and that the actual scan would be a few weeks after an appointment was scheduled? Well, imagine my surprise when I received an email on Monday from the surgeon’s […]

My Experiences with Ignorance and Audism (Discrimination Against the Deaf)

Audism refers to the belief that the ability to speak and hear makes a person superior. It also refers to discrimination towards deaf people. I’ve been lucky enough not to have experienced a whole lot of audism so far but it has happened time to time. Ignorance, on the other hand, I’ve faced a lot. […]

WATCH: Tips for Communicating with People with Hearing Loss

There is a deaf awareness campaign in the UK called “Look, Smile and Chat” which attempts to minimize the social isolation experienced by deaf teenagers. According to statistics, 3 out of 4 people, who have never met a deaf person before, report not having a clue on how to communicate with them. Talking from experience, […]

“The Only Disability In Life is a Bad Attitude”

“Hearing Impaired.” Whenever I hear that term, it irks me. To me, it implies that there is something wrong with me. That my hearing needs to be fixed. I disagree. My hearing does not need to be fixed. Yes, being deaf does have its challenges and on some days, it sucks but that’s part of […]

Some Disappointing News

I’m not getting a second cochlear implant in August like planned. We’re now looking at October and that’s if I’m lucky.  Chances are, the surgery will likely to be scheduled for late November or December. I had my second appointment at the University Hospital at 8:30 this morning. All through the appointment, red flags kept […]

Say What: Closed Captioning at the Cinema?

Did you know that there is a free closed captioning (CC) service offered at most Cineplex Cinemas for deaf and hard of hearing individuals? I didn’t. I was always under the impression that only at specific times (usually late at night) and for only a limited number of movies, CC was available in the cinema. For all of my life, […]

Mental Fatigue: One of the Many Challenges of Hearing Loss

The other day, my friend sent me a link to a post which described something I always experience when trying to keep up in social situations or when trying to understand what is going on around me: mental fatigue. The person who wrote the post is profoundly deaf himself and the way he describes it, I think, pretty […]