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I Lost My Residual Hearing

Ever since I was 5 years old, I’ve been 100% deaf in my right ear and 90% deaf in my left ear. Despite only having 10%  hearing in the one ear, I could still hear some sounds without my cochlear implant on. For instance, bangs. Voices. The annoying hum of the fan. The toilet flushing. […]

10 Days Post Surgery

The surgery went really well. It took just under three hours to complete and my surgeon was pleased with how smoothly it went. Waking up in recovery didn’t go as smoothly. I woke up feeling like an elephant was sitting on my chest, making it difficult to breathe and my throat felt bone-dry. I remember […]

The Depressed Deaf

Originally posted on Breaking the Sound Barrier:
January 28 was Mental Health Day. Many people around the world suffer from various mental health disorders, like schizophrenia, anxiety or depression. I suffer from occasional periods of anxiety and depression, and the fifteen months post surgery was definitely difficult for me. I re-read my earlier posts from…


This morning I had a “freak-out session”.  With less than five days until my surgery, it finally hit me that this is actually happening. When I was told in July that the surgery  wouldn’t be done in August  and probably wouldn’t be done until late November or December, I was devastated. I was really hoping […]