Monthly Archives: May 2014

TEDx Talk: Navigating deafness in a hearing world

“Deafness is, at its core, a communication barrier”. –Rachel Kolb Did you know that: The median reading achievement of 17 to 21 year old deaf students leaving American secondary schools is at the 4th grade level? Deaf students born to hearing parents are less likely to develop fluent written English than deaf students born to […]

Day 73: The Robots are Still Here

Have you ever used those one of those toys that recorded your voice and replayed the recording in a robotic voice? That robotic recording is what it’s like to hear speech with my left CI. Not quite the same but it’s the closest analogy I can give when describing what’s it’s like to hear with my left […]

You Win Some, You Lose Some

I’ll be studying for an exam on the silent floor of the library with my friends studying in the cubicles next to me when they turn to me and say: “You are so lucky you are deaf and can’t hear how loud it is in here. It’s so distracting.”  Another famous line I often get when […]

Attitude Can Make It or Break It When It Comes to Accessibility

This past year, I had a rough time with accommodations in the classroom due to people’s attitudes. For example, one of my professors was disrespectful towards me regarding my hearing loss and often made rude remarks when I gave him my F.M system, reducing me to tears on some occasions. It started about three weeks into the semester. […]