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TEDx Talk: Navigating deafness in a hearing world

“Deafness is, at its core, a communication barrier”. –Rachel Kolb Did you know that: The median reading achievement of 17 to 21 year old deaf students leaving American secondary schools is at the 4th grade level? Deaf students born to hearing parents are less likely to develop fluent written English than deaf students born to […]

You Win Some, You Lose Some

I’ll be studying for an exam on the silent floor of the library with my friends studying in the cubicles next to me when they turn to me and say: “You are so lucky you are deaf and can’t hear how loud it is in here. It’s so distracting.”  Another famous line I often get when […]

March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

Cerebral palsy is a chronic, non-progressive disorder affecting movement and muscle coordination. It usually results from damage to the motor areas of the brain either during embryo development, during birth or shortly after birth up until the age of three. 17 million people (1 in 500 births) worldwide have cerebral palsy. I am one of […]

Insight into Lipreading

I found an online article that describes the world of lipreading. Being deaf I can tell you that this article is amazing in explaining what it is like to constantly rely on lipreading. It’s almost like the writer jumped into my own life and wrote about it. It is a long article but I strongly recommend […]

Hearing Music through Vibrations

I’m a music junkie. I love music: classical, country, alternative, pop– you name it. I pretty much listen to a bit of everything. Expect rap; that’s just noise to me. Sorry rap lovers! You see when I hear a song for the first time, I only “hear” the beat. I can’t hear the lyrics. It […]

WATCH: Tips for Communicating with People with Hearing Loss

There is a deaf awareness campaign in the UK called “Look, Smile and Chat” which attempts to minimize the social isolation experienced by deaf teenagers. According to statistics, 3 out of 4 people, who have never met a deaf person before, report not having a clue on how to communicate with them. Talking from experience, […]

Say What: Closed Captioning at the Cinema?

Did you know that there is a free closed captioning (CC) service offered at most Cineplex Cinemas for deaf and hard of hearing individuals? I didn’t. I was always under the impression that only at specific times (usually late at night) and for only a limited number of movies, CC was available in the cinema. For all of my life, […]

Mental Fatigue: One of the Many Challenges of Hearing Loss

The other day, my friend sent me a link to a post which described something I always experience when trying to keep up in social situations or when trying to understand what is going on around me: mental fatigue. The person who wrote the post is profoundly deaf himself and the way he describes it, I think, pretty […]

From Misconceptions to Awareness on Deafness

For as long as I can remember, people have always come up to me and asked me questions about being deaf. Some people, I’ve noticed are more hesitant than others to ask and I think it’s because they are afraid of offending me. That could not be further from the truth. I prefer that people come […]

A Hearing Aid that Talks to the iPhone

So I was heading back from the gym when I decided to stop by my mailbox on the way back to my apartment. There wasn’t much in there aside from a few flyers but I came across an interesting hearing aid promotion. It turns out that there is a free hearing aid app that can […]