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[Video] The Power of Believing

This made my day and I only just woke up! So inspiring!

Tips for Preserving Your Battery Life on Long Flights

First of all, Happy New Years everyone! I hope that 2013 was good to you and that 2014 is even better! All the best in 2014! I’ve been very fortunate to be able to travel to many places around the world such as Beijing (China),  Zurich (Switzerland), Chiang Mai (Thailand), London (UK) and a few […]

WATCH: Tips for Communicating with People with Hearing Loss

There is a deaf awareness campaign in the UK called “Look, Smile and Chat” which attempts to minimize the social isolation experienced by deaf teenagers. According to statistics, 3 out of 4 people, who have never met a deaf person before, report not having a clue on how to communicate with them. Talking from experience, […]

Say What: Closed Captioning at the Cinema?

Did you know that there is a free closed captioning (CC) service offered at most Cineplex Cinemas for deaf and hard of hearing individuals? I didn’t. I was always under the impression that only at specific times (usually late at night) and for only a limited number of movies, CC was available in the cinema. For all of my life, […]