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Do you have a question about what it is like to be deaf? Do you have a particular topic relating to being deaf you would like to me to write about? Have you just met a deaf person you would like to get to know better but not sure how?

If you have any questions at all relating to hearing loss, cochlear implants, advocacy or even just want to share some of your experiences with me– whether it be your own personal experience of being deaf, being a CI user or your own experience of knowing someone who is deaf, please feel free to send me an email at:

Over the past couple months, I have been having conversations with my friends on what it is like for me to be deaf. I only know my perspective so it is very enlightening for me to hear their original perspective on what they thought being deaf was like and how that impacted their experience in getting to know me.

To my friends and family, I would love if you could let me know what experiences you’ve had with me that stands out to you. Was there anything that surprised or confused you about my hearing loss?  For example, whenever I am having a walking conversation with one of my friends down the hallway, I’ll occasionally stop walking so I can get a clear view of their lips. After a few times, she pointed it out to me (I didn’t even realize I was doing it) and I explained to her that walking distorts my ability to lipread. Therefore, I’ll stop walking so that the other person stops which helps me get a clear view of their lips.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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