It’s been a month since my left cochlear implant has been activated. And what a month it’s been! In only a month, hearing through my left ear has gone from hearing only high-pitched beeps where speech didn’t exist to hearing robotic voices where I can somewhat understand speech if I know what the topic is […]

I had my third mapping appointment yesterday afternoon and also had my second hearing test—the first one being during my second mapping appointment two weeks ago. A lot of people are surprised when I tell them that I have to go in for more appointments after my activation. They seem to think that once I’m […]

I’m often amazed at how different hearing through my left CI is compared to my right CI even though sound is being processed by the same brain. Although I knew it would sound different, I think there was a part of me that thought that the left hemisphere, which is stimulated by my right ear, […]

On Monday (Day 11), I had my second auditory-verbal therapy (AVT) session with Kelley and during the session I hit an amazing milestone. I’m starting to distinguish different words from each other! All my expectations on my progress were surpassed during that session. I should probably rewind to my first AVT session to help explain. […]

Two days ago on Day 8, I heard a new sound when I was only wearing my left CI while doing a “sound-walk” around my apartment. I was entering the kitchen to put the kettle on. The kettle boiling is one of my many routines sounds I try to make sense of during my “sound-walks”. On […]

Note: I meant to post this yesterday but my internet was down all weekend. Activation Day went really well! I can only hear high-pitched beeps with my left ear, which is to be expected considering my brain hasn’t heard much through my left ear in 19 years. Beeps aren’t really the right word. It’s like […]

I found this picture randomly on tumblr and it made me laugh so hard. It may be a little immature of me but you can’t deny the humour of it. I’ll never look at my alarm clock the same way. It got me thinking about the other little things or “deaf” habits that I do on a […]

In two days, I’ll be getting my left ear switched on for the first time. It’s absolutely crazy how much time has flown by since I had my surgery on March 6th 2014. I’m partially pinning the blame on school. Between catching up on missed work during recovery (I took a week off school) and […]

Cerebral palsy is a chronic, non-progressive disorder affecting movement and muscle coordination. It usually results from damage to the motor areas of the brain either during embryo development, during birth or shortly after birth up until the age of three. 17 million people (1 in 500 births) worldwide have cerebral palsy. I am one of […]

Ever since I was 5 years old, I’ve been 100% deaf in my right ear and 90% deaf in my left ear. Despite only having 10%  hearing in the one ear, I could still hear some sounds without my cochlear implant on. For instance, bangs. Voices. The annoying hum of the fan. The toilet flushing. […]